The Growth Of The Touring Caravan Market In The UK

The UK’s touring industry continues to rise in popularity, with Britain becoming the largest market in Europe for touring caravans.

The Brexit vote resulted in the weakening of the pound, making it more expensive than ever for the average British family to holiday abroad. As a result, Brits are now going on more frequent, shorter holidays within the UK – otherwise known as ‘staycationing’. Tourers make a perfect fit for this newfound trend, as they offer up the advantage of low-cost and affordable holidaying.

In addition, touring caravans allow holiday-makers complete freedom and independence – permitting them to move from place to place with no time restraints or restrictions; and enabling them to enjoy activities such as cycling, walking, and exploring whichever local area they choose to discover. When it comes to tourers, it’s all about the adventure.

Moreover, touring caravans come in different shapes, sizes, and prices to suit each individual owner’s needs. For example: 2 berth caravans are usually lightweight and compact, making it a highly sought-after choice for couples or families of two; while 6 berth caravans are much bigger in size and can thus accommodate large families or groups of friends who wish to embark on an exciting and comfortable touring trip.

Second-hand touring caravans are becoming especially popular, as they are not only seen as an affordable investment, but also a fantastic lifestyle choice with numerous benefits. Used caravans have been found to retain their value much better than new ones. The moment a new caravan is purchased and utilised, it loses much of its value. On the contrary, if a used caravan has been adequately cared for over the years, its value will only diminish slightly.

Nowadays, used touring caravans from as far back as the 70s and 80s are making a massive resurgence. These old-school models are now in high demand, due to the increased interest in the ‘glamping’ phenomenon. Needless to say, there will almost always be a used touring caravan available to not only suit your leisure needs, but to meet your individual budget requirements as well.

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